Little & Luxe: Our Mission Statement


On our “About” page, I stated that

“Little & Luxe is a website dedicated to beauty, wellness, health, self-care, and lifestyle, with a flair for culture and critical thought. It is a space for both mind and body; it is an avenue for sharing knowledge, wisdom, hope, and love.”

What makes Little & Luxe different – that is, the premise upon which I decided to create this website – is that Little & Luxe is dedicated to creating a space for little luxuries, everyday luxuries, in our lives.

Self-care of all forms is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, whether that is caring for our minds, our bodies, our skin, our hair, our interests… Build a life you want to live, surround yourself with those treasures you truly appreciate, indulge your senses in little luxuries. Transform the quotidian common into the quotidian luxe.

Lots of love,

Little & Luxe

p.s. Above, Mark Rothko’s “Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red” to indulge cultural sensibilities.

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