Flower Appreciation


Little & Luxe is all about making every day life a little more special, about transforming daily commonalities into daily luxuries. My lifestyle posts aim to highlight the ways in which I introduce “little luxes” into my life, and hopefully into your lives too. Quotidian luxuries should make you smile each time you think of them; they should be something that help relax the mind and the senses. They should make your life feel luxurious and joyous in their own little way.

For my first Lifestyle post, then, I’d like to showcase one of my favourite forms of little luxury: flowers. Flowers, whether they are bouquets, hand picked, or arranged in a vase, have a way of brightening up the space they’re in, no matter what that space may be. The lovely aroma, the colour, the freshness – all things that perk up everyday life.


For me, flowers are an investment in happiness. I buy them (or pick them when I see them!) because waking up to flowers in the morning genuinely makes me happy. A nicely arranged bouquet reminds me of sunshine, even when it’s raining outside. Bouquets can even be found for as inexpensive a price a five dollars at the grocery store, but they’re often overlooked because they aren’t thought of as necessities.

But I’ve been trying out this new philosophy where my happiness is a necessity, where self-care and personal wellness is just as important as my education and my career. If the things that are important to us, such as school and work, are the things that also create stress and tension in our lives, I figure it’s a good idea to also value things that alleviate that stress and help us focus on the positive attributes of those stressful things.

So, a tip from me to you, wake up to flowers and go to bed to flowers. It’s happiness by the petal.




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