Weekend Life

ImageEvents: Several events this weekend, which means lots of time dedicated to socializing, and less time dedicated to working. We’re celebrating my sister’s birthday tomorrow, which will be exciting, fun, and friend-filled. If the weather is kind, we will be hosting a day-to-night barbecue at our family lakeside cottage. Sunday, my extended family will be visiting our cottage, which means lots of food, drink, and kids!

Book: José Saramago’s All the Names – I’m writing an essay on the novel, so this book and I will be relatively inseparable.

Nails: “My Vampire Is Buff” by OPI GelColor

Accessory: Marine Duffle Bag by Charlotte Ronson

Goals: Complete my final paper (this one’s been a long time coming), take lots of pictures of my sister celebrating being 21

Music: Of Monsters and Men, Azaelia Banks, Lana Del Rey

Makeup Must: Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in “Convoitise” – I’ve been in love with this product since I purchased it, and it will certainly find its way into my makeup look this weekend.

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