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You’ve heard of the “house warming,” of course. It is the event in which one hosts one’s friends in one’s new home in order to celebrate the fact that one is living in said home. This Friday, I will be throwing a similar event to that of the house warming. There will be food, drink, and lovely people, and the event will be in honour of my house (or apartment, in this case). However, I will not be throwing a house warming. I, instead, am throwing a house mourning (trademark pending).

What exactly is a “house mourning,” you ask? Well, it is precisely the mirror event of a house warming. I am sadly moving out of my current apartment because I am moving to a new city, and in honour of my lovely place, I am throwing something of a dinner shindig with my close friends by which to remember my lovely home of two years.

I’ve always wanted to throw something of a fancy dinner party. It’s always struck me as a very grown-up and classy thing, you know, something you might see in an old movie, or read about in an Austen novel. And since I am embracing the concept of luxe living, I  thought this was really the perfect opportunity to throw such an event. I want to live a life inspired by the things that I love, and old-world cinema, literature, and fancy dining with my favourite people are definitely all things I love.

So without further adieu, the details:

In order to make this a lovely evening, I’ve been planning a menu, shopping lists, a to-do list for preparing my place, beverage list, playlist… Basically, lists galore!

Because my apartment is somewhat lacking in seating, I have put together an appetizer-style menu, so that guests can eat either sitting or standing.


Charcuterie platter; Cheese platter; Baked stuffed mushrooms; A variety of spreads, including hummus, freshly made guacamole, and fresh olive tapenade (it’s one of my favourite recipes); Bruschetta; Shrimp skewers; Olives; My specialty broiled cherry tomatoes; Antipasto; Fruit and vegetable platters; Mini puff-pastry pizza; Prosciutto, parmesan, and roasted red pepper pastry rolls; Fig and goat cheese puffs; Salade panachée


A selection of wines and a signature sangria


Fresh  flowers and tea light candles

The rest of this week will basically be spent making sure I have everything absolutely perfect and ready in order to host my wonderful friends. I will post pictures and a review of how things turned out come next week! Until then, have a lovely week.

Have you ever thrown a dinner party? Any tips worth sharing?

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2 thoughts on “Dinner Party Plans

    • It certainly felt very grown up! Don’t stress about how things will turn out, because they always turn out well 🙂 This dinner party comprised one of the best nights I’ve ever had so I definitely encourage you to give it a try – maybe it will be one of your best too 🙂

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