Manicured Nails and Cocktail Parties


Yesterday evening, I hosted one of the best parties I have ever attended, and am quite proud! Wonderful food, wonderful wine, wonderful music, and, most of all, wonderful people. I will soon write a post  about the party itself (let me tell you, though, it was a hit!), but first, this is how I prepared my nails for the evening.

My outfit was black and creme, and so I wanted to pair it against a nail colour that was bright and fun, but also elegant and classy. I opted for the pastel mint colour “Fiver” by Butter London. Many a compliment did I receive for this choice!

To prepare my nails for the at home mani, I soaked my fingertips in warm water for roughly five minutes so as to soften the cuticles. Once softened, I applied Butter London’s “Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator” to ease the nipping process. I then nipped the nail and applied Aveda’s “Hand Relief” hand creme. Then, after cleaning the nail bed with polish remover to eliminate oils, I polished my nails and topped off the look with OPI’s “Avoplex Cuticle Oil” for a gorgeous and healthy shine.

ImageP.S. I got a little ahead of myself and took the photo of my nails prior to applying the nail oil, so the cuticles  look dryer than they in fact were following its application.

Also, here is a sneak peak of my bouquet (and colour scheme) for the cocktail party!



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