Top Tip for Removing Stubborn Mascara


We’ve all been there. The battle with mascara that refuses to come off. It’s awful and annoying and you end up ripping lashes off in the process, which, let’s face it, makes things worse. But fear not! I’ve discovered the handiest trick to ease off mascara like a charm.

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An Updated Skincare Ritual

Skincare 1

I love skincare. I really do. There is something so calming about that moment after waking, or prior to sleeping, where you treat yourself  to cleansing, hydrating, and massaging for a good 20 minutes. The time you dedicate to skincare can make the biggest difference in the way that you view your health, your skin, and yourself in general. When you dedicate time to treating yourself well, you look at yourself with a new self-appreciation. It’s pretty amazing that a mere 20 minutes of concentration on your skin can transform the way you look and feel. With that in mind, skincare is not something to skimp on, but instead, something to look forward to and revel in.

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