Top Tip for Removing Stubborn Mascara


We’ve all been there. The battle with mascara that refuses to come off. It’s awful and annoying and you end up ripping lashes off in the process, which, let’s face it, makes things worse. But fear not! I’ve discovered the handiest trick to ease off mascara like a charm.

Things you’ll need:

  • Liquid makeup remover | I adore Bioderma Sensibio – it works better than anything I’ve used in the past
  • Mascara wand – disposable or otherwise
  • Several cotton pads

First things first – soak a cotton pad in your makeup remover and press it gently onto your eyes. Without rubbing, gently press the pad over your lid and lashes, working the liquid on the area as best as possible (also, make sure the pad isn’t too soaked – you don’t want to get it in your eyes!). Seriously, don’t rub it – no need for premature wrinkles around the eyes. Plus, when you soak the pad and coat the eye zone, makeup glides off so easily.

That should take a good portion, if not all, of your makeup off.


Now, for the stubborn bits. Dip your mascara wand in some remover so that the bristles are nicely coated with product. Dry off excess on a cotton pad so that it isn’t dripping large droplets. You see where this is going, yes? Work the remover into your lashes as though you were applying mascara, only you aren’t! Just the opposite. When you comb the remover through your lashes, especially while slightly working the brush from side to side, you’ll notice that the remover gently breaks down and pulls out any remaining mascara while leaving your lashes intact and your eye zone free of excessive rubbing.

And there you have it, effortless mascara removal. All in a day’s work, people.


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