Springtime Lusting: Key Items for Spring 2014

Spring Fashion 2014(click to enlarge, it looks much nicer that way!)

Hello all,

It’s good to be back! I’ve been rather MIA from blogging, for many reasons really, but tonight’s as good a night as any to get back in the game. I thought I’d share my spring fashion hit list: i.e. the items I plan on incorporating into my closet just in time for sunshine and blooming flowers, and everything else associated with springtime (as opposed to the slush and polar vortex absurdity that has dominated this winter… at least in Canada!).

The three items pictured above are: Jace Flat Sandal, Tory Burch | Transport Tote, Madewell | Coquette Scarf, Wilfred (the colour’s just out now, hope it comes back soon for those interested!)

Currently own the Madewell Tote (given to me by my lovely sister for my birthday) and the Wilfred Scarf (impulse purchase that I definitely do not regret). I’m waiting until it’s a little closer to April to purchase the shoes. Two down, one to go!

What I love about these three items is their neutrality. They are simple, elegant, and light-wearing, which is exactly the kind of style I like for spring. That said, even though they are neutral pieces, each is gorgeously crafted, and that gold on straps of the Jace Sandal is stunning. It gives just the right amount of glam to create a sensible but chic shoe. The tote and scarf have already become staples in my closet, and once the three are united, that outfit will make for a killer pairing.

Thoughts on the pieces? Got staples of your own? Do share, because I love to read what’s on everyone else’s mind.

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