Weekend Life: Adventures in Beers and Breakfasts

Canadian craft beer

This weekend turned out to be essentially the opposite of what I had originally planned, but that’s quite alright because it was good fun nonetheless! I took Saturday off with the intention of driving up to my alma matter city to visit friends – the plans were something along the lines of sushi, catching up over tea, shopping, and more tea.

However, circumstances made it such that I couldn’t drive up (*ahem* polar vortex, we are tired of you, please go away). In lieu, then, of my intended trip – which has been delayed until next weekend – I went out with some good friends to a local craft beer-centered pub, where the beer prices go up and down depending on how many people are buying a given beer… like a play on the stock exchange!

Discovered that this bar makes excellent fresh salsa and nachos, which is always a great discovery.

bacon, spinach, garlic, egg breakfast

Also, dedicated some time to making a good breakfast on Saturday morning. The result: bacon strips, spinach cooked down with garlic, and farm fresh eggs (farm fresh makes all the difference, I kid you not). First, I cooked the bacon, then reserved just under half the grease in which I cooked the spinach and garlic, and once they were done, cracked the eggs over the remaining oils, topped with salt and freshly ground pepper = yum!

As always, would love to hear about your weekend!

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