Baths Are for Grown-Ups Too


I read somewhere (here, actually) that Tom Ford takes 4 hot baths a day. Aside from the impressive amount of water such a habit uses up, I’m with Mr. Ford on the matter – a hot bath is relaxing, meditative, and is certainly a luxurious experience. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling of hot water enveloping sore and tired muscles (my baths, unlike Mr. Ford’s, are usually night time baths). As someone who tries to embrace the little luxuries in life, I am completely pro-baths. The experience is one dedicated to de-stressing after a long day, to unwinding, and to self-care.

To prepare for my bath, I run hot water and then add about 20 – 30 drops of an essential oil – lately, I’ve been loving Eucalyptus – and then add a handful or so of Aveda’s Soothing Aqua Therapy Bath Salts. They’re made from mineral-rich Dead Sea salts that refresh and hydrate stressed skin. I also use these salts (mixed in with some oil or body wash) as an exfoliant because they aren’t too rough (as they’re meant to dissolve in the bath) and smell oh so lovely.

Bath time is relaxation time, so I either spend time reading or simply meditating. Candles are always a good choice, and Diptyque’s “Figuier” is a nice choice.

books and magazines


For relaxation purposes, the smart stays far away. Who can concentrate on themselves with a consistently buzzing phone, alerting you to texts and emails? Also, the phone stays away from the water for obvious reasons!

Some people say they aren’t patient enough for baths, but I think that those are the effects of a culture that highly values a “go go go” lifestyle, which sometimes leads one to forget about caring for themselves. This March break, dedicate some time to self-care and to health,  and enjoy a bath 🙂

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