Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL: A Spoiler-Free Review

Hello team, I hope all has been well with you recently. I’ve been a very busy person these days… devouring Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  This book has been on my reading hit list for some time now, and I’ve been racing to finish it before the movie’s release in October, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, amongst other great catches (check out the IMDb listing here). Not that Gone Girl takes long to get through, in the first instance. It’s easily a novel that could be read in less than two days if you dedicated enough time to do so. But this is also a novel that will compel you to read every word, even if you are a shameless descriptive paragraph skipper like me. As someone who is very interested in human relationships, dysfunctional relationships, and the human psyche, I knew I was going to enjoy Gone Girl. This book offers a terrifying insight into the raw and ultimately unnerving experience of marriage, standing in stark contrast to sappy rom-coms that idealize and fetishize the conception of a perfect partner. Gone Girl gives what other marriage-themed narratives lack – or hide –  and it gives in abundance: a well-needed dose of reality. Considering that this novel is something of a psychological thriller (though not particularly I-can’t-go-to-bed-at-night scary), it inevitably involves plot twists and turns, and as someone who is invested in writing, I will say that I was able to predict a few of those big twists. That said, the way that Flynn writes them out is incredible. She is so good at her craft that even though I had a strong sense of what was coming, I nonetheless felt sucker-punched by the weight and the sharpness of her writing. Honestly, the novel is worth reading for the simple reason of experiencing her writing. A small note, however. The novel sometimes uses graphic and crude language, and it is unapologetic for it. That is completely alright with me, but if you are one who is on the more sensitive side, you might want to approach with caution. But overall, great writing, great plotting, great novel. Read it, and fast, before the film comes out. Also, the trailers for the film are well-done, and very chilling. Watch those too! Let me know what’s on your reading hit list, as I’d love to add some new books to mine! Follow on Bloglovin


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