Out & About: Toronto, Queen St.

toronto2Hey there, city lovers.

Today, we tour Queen St (East and West), an upbeat and energetic cultural hub in Toronto. It’s become very well known for its fashion boutiques, indie art stores, music, and media scene. While it doesn’t have as many restaurants in comparison to its shopping venues, it does have many swanky coffee houses, all worth exploring! Mind you, it does have its fair share of good eats.

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Out & About: A New Series


It’s no secret to those who know me: I love to travel. Being the oddity that I am, I love the packing and organizing process just as much as I love exploring whatever city (or town) I visit.

In light of all the travelling I do, I’ve decided to begin a new series dedicated to local eats, culture, shopping, music, and more. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at travel writing, so perhaps this’ll be my way of easing into it! I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many different countries and many beautiful places, and I would love to share those experiences here.

Also, I tend to travel to certain cities more often than others (Houston, Toronto, Chicago are my most visited destinations), so you might see posts about recurring locations pop up! But like any large urban destination, there is just so much to see and do in these cities that I know there will be an overabundance to talk about!

Keep a look out for posts about New York City, Toronto, Chicago, London (CA), Rome, Venice, Madrid, Peniscola, Barcelona, and much more!

Where have you travelled? What’s your favourite city to visit? Where would you suggest I go next? I’m always looking for new places to travel!

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