It’s not January yet, I know. But early resolutions show resolve, no? I’ll be frank, though, I suck at resolutions. It’s not so much that I have no follow-through, I have follow-through. It’s more so that I never get around to pin-pointing them, marking them down, and convincing myself that this is something I’m going to do. I’ve decided to change that.  Continue reading


My Favourite Holiday Movies

1. Love Actually

Perhaps the most staple Christmas movie of the modern age, and I’m perfectly okay with that. Heart warming and charming, Love Actually is a movie about many different relationships and how each of the characters’ stories intersect to create a big Christmas web of love. The star studded cast and cheery holiday tunes sung by Bill Nighy are totally worth the watch. Continue reading

For the Love of Tartine! Or, the Open Face Sandwich


This summer, my sister and I travelled to New York together for the first time (which is another post altogether), but while we were there, we made a point to stop by Le Pain Quotidien, a bakery and communal styled restaurant, and of course, they have a stellar selection of tartines. Since then, I’ve been a little obsessed with open-faced sandwiches. Here is just one of my renditions, and it makes for a great breakfast or lunch. Enjoy! Continue reading

The Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Him

holiday gift guide men

It’s not too late for holiday shopping, so fret not if you haven’t crossed all the gifts you need to purchase off your list. And since stores are always incredibly busy with very long lines, I tend to opt for online options instead. Hurrah for the internet! Continue reading

The Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Her

Holiday Gift Guide Little & Luxe

In recognition of December, and thus of the mass anxiety that arises in the knowledge that there are less than 4 weeks until Christmas, I’ve put together a few different gift guides to help quell any residual panic when faced with the question “What are you getting _______?” Continue reading