The Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Him

holiday gift guide men

It’s not too late for holiday shopping, so fret not if you haven’t crossed all the gifts you need to purchase off your list. And since stores are always incredibly busy with very long lines, I tend to opt for online options instead. Hurrah for the internet!

1. The Carry-On-Cocktail Kit, $24. This little package has been all the rage these days. It holds all the fixings (alcohol excepted) to make two Old-Fashioned cocktails while in flight. TSA approved, all you need to do is order a mini-bottle of bourbon on the flight, and you’re set.

2. True Detective DVD Set, $42.94. Some Harrelson/McConaughey action is good for everyone.

3. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender, $409. This is a really powerful and high-performance personal blender, perfect for the avid juicer/smoothie maker in your life. It’s also portable, with a 5 year warranty.

4. Tom Ford Olivier Sunglasses, $395. These are just stunning and very flattering for all face shapes. I think they would be well-loved by any style aficionado. They come in a few colours, but I personally prefer the tortoise shell.

5. Harry’s Brass Shave Set, $80. This luxury shave set is perfect for a great shave whilst travelling, and includes a 4oz Foaming Shave Gel, three Harry’s German-made 5-blade cartridges, a travel blade cover, and an ergonomically designed handle made out of a zinc core and finished with a brass coating.

6. Big Ideas Simply Explained Collection, $25 each for hardcover. I love this series of books as it breaks down very complex material and transforms it into digestible and interesting information. They also include lots of awesome drawings and infographics. To be fair, these would make a great gift for anyone interested in any of the subjects they cover. The topics so far are: Philosophy (my fave), Politics, Science, Religion, Business, Economics, and Psychology.

7. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 29″ Multiwheel, $695. This is certainly an investment piece, but it is timeless, durable, and really well designed. For a frequent traveller, this is a very considerate gift, because good and long-lasting travelling luggage is hard to find. The sleek body and multiwheel design also make it a breeze to maneuver.

8. Tumi Arrive – Narita Slim Briefcase, 810.59 (also available in leather). Another company famous for its travel luggage, Tumi offers very high quality craftsmanship and functional design. We actually bought this briefcase for my dad last Christmas and he loves it. It’s the briefcase he takes to work everyday.

9. Toma T907 Brown Leather Camera Half Case for Sony, $52.99. This is a masculine and elegant accent for a camera. Also, the camera itself makes a great gift as well.

10. The Art of Shaving Lexington Collection with Horn Fine Brush, $410. For the man shaving on a regular basis, this is a great home set. The Lexington razor includes the Flexball technology that allows the blade to move along the angles of the face naturally and smoothly, minimizing irritation and cuts. Also, the handle on the Horn Brush is really beautiful.

11. Bespoke Subscription Box, $45 each for members, $60 for non-members. The Bespoke Box is a luxury subscription box for men, with each box tailored to a particular lifestyle experience. Above, I have 3 boxes pictured: Churchill (Includes custom cigar pack, reclaimed wood ashtray/candle holder, spicy den candle, cedar spills, and cigar cutter), Aged (includes a barrel aging kit and 2 glass cocktail tumblers), and Refresh (an assortment of travel-sized luxury toiletries packaged in a sturdy wax-canvas bag for travel). The great thing about these boxes is that you can purchase any box you like whenever you like, and further, each month a new box comes out and, if you’re a subscriber, you can choose whether you’d like to receive that month’s box or pass if it’s not for you. A really great gift, in my opinion.

12. Massimo Dutti Leather Headphones, $180. These are so gorgeous that I want them for myself. But they’re for men? Pshhh. They’re stunning, and the price isn’t too steep for the quality of the set. They also include insulated padding to reduce exterior noise. What more could you want?

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