My Favourite Holiday Movies

1. Love Actually

Perhaps the most staple Christmas movie of the modern age, and I’m perfectly okay with that. Heart warming and charming, Love Actually is a movie about many different relationships and how each of the characters’ stories intersect to create a big Christmas web of love. The star studded cast and cheery holiday tunes sung by Bill Nighy are totally worth the watch.

2. Arthur Christmas

I have watched this movie twice in the past week! Arthur Christmas is a really clever and really funny animated holiday movie. Arthur is Santa’s son, and when he discovers that a child didn’t receive her present, he goes to incredible lengths to deliver it to her before Christmas morning. The opening scene shows a storm of elves on a high-stakes mission to deliver all the gifts and it is just awesome. Also, the characters are voiced by a great cast: James McAvoy (young Charles Xavier in X-Men), Hugh Laurie (Dr. House in House, MD), Jim Broadbent (Prof. Slughorn in Harry Potter), Bill Nighy (Prime Minister Scrimgeour, also HP), and Imelda Staunton (Prof. Umbridge, also HP!).

3. The Oranges

David and Terry are best friends, and their families spend a lot of time together. When Terry’s daughter comes back home from a hectic experience abroad (she’s something of a wild soul who’s made some bad boyfriend decisions), she gets close to David, and problems ensue around Christmas time! Hugh Laurie and Leighton Meester are compelling to watch, with Alia Shawkat, Adrian Brody, and Oliver Platt also playing key roles. This is a light hearted movie about a problematic (to some) relationship, and it just happens to take place amidst carolling and tree decorating.

4. While You Were Sleeping

I’m not a huge rom-com fan, but the holiday season does something to me where they are all I seem to want to watch! When Peter falls into a coma, a mix up at the hospital has Peter’s family family thinking that Lucy is his elusive fiancé. Hilarity and adorableness ensue. While You Were Sleeping is such a classic, and totally worth the watch.

5. Die Hard

I love Die Hard. Watch John McClane, policeman extraodinaire, kick some terrorist ass when they interrupt his wife’s office Christmas party for illegal shenanigans, where she and her coworkers are taken hostage. It’s an epic battle between Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, and it’s definitely one to watch. Incidentally, Die Hard 2 also occurs during Christmas time…

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Tim Burton flick tells the tale of Jack Skellinton, king of Halloweentown and bored with the same old routine of scaring people in the “real world,” who discovers Christmastown and becomes enthralled. He soon plans to kidnap Santa and take over the town! Really creative and original, and certainly a Christmas staple.

7. Elf

While I’m not the biggest fan of Will Ferrell’s humour, I did enjoy him in Elf. It’s sweet, funny, and all-around cheerful. Accidentally transported to the North Pole and raised as an elf, Buddy, a human, leaves the North Pole in search of his father. He discovers that his dad is in fact a ruthless businessman and works to build a relationship with him… but things keep going awry!

So there you have it, my holiday movie selection. What are your favourite movies to watch around this time of year?

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