Commodity Fetishism – SS/15


1. Paris Pastry Club, Fanny Zanotti. While this was out in May 2014, I only found out about it now, and I want it. Who wouldn’t?

2. Emerson Flap Messenger, Tory Burch.

3. Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Exposure, Hourglass.

4. Jil Stretch Cady Midi Dress, The Row.

5. Earrings, Irene Neuwirth.

6. Draped Wool Tapered Pants, J.W. Anderson.

This is essentially what I’ve got my eye on at the current moment. Against my better judgement, I’m always browsing Net-a-Porter and Sephora, and I’m very certain that this list will grow, and soon. Also, this browsing habit really impedes my ability to save up for real-life goals… C’est la vie?

What’s on your most recent wish list? Anything I should take a look at?

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2 thoughts on “Commodity Fetishism – SS/15

    • Thanks for the follow! I’m glad you like the blog! And of course, the blogging community should be inter-supportive!

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