Diptyque Baies Scented Oval

IMG_5192Those of you who read Little & Luxe on a regular basis know that I am quite fond of Diptyque as a fragrance house and recently, I’ve received the Baies Scented Oval as a gift. It’s no surprise that this newcomer to my personal Diptyque collection is a very welcome addition. 

It comes packaged in cellophane and upon breaking the seal, the oval’s aroma is immediately noticeable.

Baies (berries) is said to be an homage to Diptyque’s L’ombre dans l’eau collection, combining the scent of a bouquet of roses with blackcurrant leaves.

While I am not particularly attracted to floral aromas, the scent in Baies, while discernibly floral, is actually very mild and fresh for having been combined with the scent of blackcurrant leaves. It’s neither overpoweringly fruity nor floral, but a soft, clean, and fresh combination of both.


The medallion or encasement is made from a soft, unfinished porcelain and holds the scented wax centre. Diptyque states that you can “bury it in drawers” or “slip it in into a cupboard of clean and fresh household linens.” Personally, I’m going to use it in my car as I greatly prefer this scent to that of most car fresheners, which tend to be too overwhelming for me.


Have you ever purchased any scented ovals? How do you feel about them?

As ever, thank you for visiting today!

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