Location Envy

Take me back to New York City.This has been a recurring phrase in my mind for over a month. I’ve been checking plane tickets and hotels almost everyday, and each time I do, I convince myself just a little bit more that I’ll buy a ticket, and soon. That’s the thing about living in uneventful cities. You crave excitement, lights, action, something to shake up the ennui of industrial landscape and suburban monotony. Did we just get a little too philosophic? Probably (don’t blame me, I am, after all, a philosophy minor!). Let’s move on.

To those of you in New York, well done. You are in the place to be.

Goals this year:

– Revisit New York!

– But also,  I want to visit somewhere else. Preferably warm climates during my travels. I’m a Canadian with a limited experience of Canada. But I also have a fairly limited experience of the US (Chicago, NY, and Houston are my big visits).

Question to you: Where should I go? I’m looking at Arizona and Prince Edward Island. Good choices or bad choices? Ideally, wherever I go, there will be a nice spa waiting for me.

In the meantime, here’s a song to add to your playlist if you haven’t yet. It’s a remix of an oldie, but a goodie, and travel-centered to boot. DJ M.I.X. remix to Peter, Bjorn, & John’s Amsterdam.

Thank you for stopping by today!

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