An Insider’s Guide: What to Watch Out for at the Spa

As someone who has worked in the beauty and wellness industry for a long time, I have developed this series to share the knowledge I’ve gained from the business with you!

Whether you are a spa regular or a spa newcomer, most of us go to the spa in order to invest in self-care and relaxation. But in order to relax, you need to trust that those taking care of you are experts and are applying the best practices to your service. Regardless of ambiance or decor or style, there are a set of standards all spas should be following to ensure the health, hygiene, safety, and comfort of their guests. Below is a guide of what to look for to ensure that your spa experience is one that you can trust. Continue reading


An Insider’s Guide to the Salon & Spa Experience

This post marks the introduction of a short series I will be writing in the upcoming weeks: An Insider’s Guide to the Salon & Spa Experience. I’ve learned from my clients, both regulars and newcomers, that everyone has questions when it comes to best practices at the salon and spa, and as someone whose been in the business for a long time, I have answers for you!

I will be covering topics such as etiquette, what to watch out for, how to choose the right salon and spa, and much more!

If you have any questions for me, be sure to write them in the Comment section below, and I will include them in the upcoming series!

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Easy, Healthy & Delicious Breakfast! Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats


Breakfast is likely my favourite meal. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, omelettes, crepes, paninis, the list could go on for a very long time. And as much as I would love to have pancakes everyday for breakfast, I know that isn’t exactly a realistic nor healthy option. So I have been on a hunt to find breakfast solutions that combine healthy with delicious, and that are anything but boring, because let’s face it, how many times can you really have hard-boiled eggs in the morning before wanting to throw all your eggs away and never buy them again.  Continue reading