A Note on Minimalism & Investing in Wardrobe Staples


Lately, I’ve been dedicating my efforts towards practicing minimalism in my life and learning to let go of the unnecessary. Last week, I cleared 50 items from my closet. 50 items! And while I will dedicate a separate post to that experience, I should say that it provided me with the opportunity to evaluate what I have in my closet, and what I would like to invest in. Perhaps a shopping haul seems counterintuitive to a minimalistic lifestyle, but the way I understand it is that minimalism is not simply an approach to how many physical items one owns, but an attitude towards one’s lifestyle.

Moving from a full face of makeup towards a fresher, barer face. Bold, eccentric cuts to simple, classic shapes. Loud and bright patterns to muted and understated prints. This is only my interpretation (and I’m sure it’s something of a liberal interpretation), but it has helped me reassess my current lifestyle and make proactive changes towards simplicity.

I have always been keen on the classic, elegant black and white look. But in cleaning out my closet, I realized I didn’t have anything significant in the way of minimalistic white and black pieces. I decided, since I gave away 50 items, I could welcome a few new pieces into my wardrobe.

These are all pieces selected from Aritzia, one of my favourite retailers. My goal was to introduce timeless style basics that would become wardrobe staples that I could rely on for a long time to come.

  1. Capucine T-Shirt
  2. Palmier Sweater
  3. Nomadic Blanket
  4. Burnette Tank
  5. Adorlee Dress
  6. Princely Dress
  7. Trompette Dress (not pictured above)

I chose these pieces because they are all made of beautiful, simple fabrics, have elegant cuts, are airy and fresh, and are, as Aritzia calls them, “utterly feminine.” They fit beautifully and feel just right for spring.

What do you think? Are you a black and white sort of person?

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