Downsizing My Makeup Collection

IMG_6017In efforts to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, I’ve decided to cut out the (mostly) unnecessary from my life. A few weeks ago, I rid 50 items from my closet, as well as 12 purses and roughly 25 items of jewelry. Some things I have donated, others I have sold, but the end result is that these items are no longer mine.

This week, I did the same thing with my makeup collection. Like many makeup owners and lovers, I have definitely stocked up on all sorts of products, and while I love lots of them, others I have kept simply for the sake of keeping. For the sake of not throwing them out and being wasteful, as it were. But having them and not using them is a waste, and it takes up room in and crowds one’s life.

As I was sorting through my enormous pile of makeup, I found that I held onto empty bottles of product (in fact, I had 5 empty bottles of concealer! 3 Chanel, 2 Aveda), products I simply didn’t like, and older products I never used. I think I held onto them to try and salvage some of the product in the nearly empty bottles, to not be wasteful by throwing away the products I didn’t like, and to try and make use of those I didn’t touch as often.

But the fact is, I was never going to revisit them because, like most of us, I only use the newer products I buy and forget about the old ones. Not on purpose, of course, but this process of replacement is natural, and I’m learning to accept that at face value.






That would be:

1 eyeshadow palette | 5 concealers | 4 mascaras | 7 lip products | 1 primer | 4 powders | 1 mini-foundation | 7 eyeliners | 1 brow gel/tint | 2 eyeshadow pans | 1 bronzer

Grand total of 34 products.

I must admit, it feels quite nice to let them go. I still own too much makeup, but at least it’s 34 items less.

Have you tried downsizing your makeup collection? How did you do?

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3 thoughts on “Downsizing My Makeup Collection

  1. Oh wow that is amazing! Not a lot of people would get rid of makeup products, accessories or clothes. I am downsizing my makeup as well but not the same way. I haven’t bought one single makeup product for a year – I want to finish everything I own first!

    • Thank you! And your strategy is very impressive. I don’t know if I could not buy any new products for a year! Well done!

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