SABON NYC Lemon Mint Body Scrub & Lavender Loofah Soap

IMG_6009Well, suffice it to say that I will always love exploring new brands that offer high quality and high performance products. Sabon NYC has now joined the ranks of brands I will be following and in which I will be investing. 

sabon lemon mint scrub and lavender loofah soap

I first came across the store while visiting Schaumburg, IL, and as I was walking by the Sabon store, my attention was captured by a very large and very beautiful pedal fountain. It was such an astonishing statement piece that I walked in asked about it.

The store attendant had me test the Lemon Mint Body Scrub by wetting my hands (push the pedal with your foot, water streams from the overhead faucet) and scrubbing my hands to exfoliate the skin. I then followed up with a moisturizing creme in the Gentleman aroma (which  layers wonderfully with Lemon Mint, by the way. Everyone I came across that day told me so!).


I have lots of moisturizers at the moment, so I decided to try the Lemon Mint Body Scrub and the Lavender Loofah Soap, which is essentially soap poured around a natural loofah, so that you can lather and scrub with the same item.

I’ve been using the loofah soap religiously and I love it so much. The lavender aroma is very clean and relaxing, and the loofah provides easy cleansing and exfoliation – you really can’t go wrong with this product. The loofah is soft enough to not irritate the skin, but rough enough to give a good cleanse.

I’ve used the scrub once thus far, but only because I’m too lazy to do so once a week (which is recommended). Much like the loofah, the sea salt isn’t so rough as to irritate, but perfect for a thorough body exfoliation. The salts are set in rich and moisturizing oils as well, so the end result is smooth and silky skin.


These products were an easy sell for me, I’ll admit it, but they live up to their promise. I would invest over and over again.

Tell me, have you ever tried Sabon products? Or better  yet, visited the store to use the giant fountain?

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