Crown Brush Haul

crown brush haul

Last month, I made my way down to Chicago to attend the American Beauty Show, an enormous salon and spa expo, with brand upon brand of professional products at incredibly discounted rates, otherwise known as a dream come true :).

Amidst brands including Sam Villa, Sassoon Academy, Brazilian Blowout, CND, Redken, OPI, Sexy Hair, and American Crew, I found Crown Brush. This discovery came at the perfect time since I had been looking for an expansion in my selection of eye brushes, particularly larger and fluffier brushes. Trust me, watching Lisa Eldridge videos will make you want every brush in the book!

But I found so much more…

crown brush haul

Show prices had each brush between $2 – $5, and suffice it to say that I had a very successful haul. I bought contouring brushes, pin point concealing, small oval concealing, large fluff, soft cheek, crescent shadow, jumbo shadow, crease brushes of different densities for different results, bullet crease, crease blender, stiff brow, bullet blend, soft liner and more!

crown brush haul

I’ve seen mixed reviews for these brushes, mostly with positive feelings. Having been using them daily for a few weeks, I too have favourable reviews for the brushes. At such low costs, these brushes are worth the investment. I experienced some shedding at first use, but they are cut well, and perform really well. And as much as I like to invest in high quality products, I can’t say that these are bad quality simply due to pricing because my experience with them has thus far been very good. As to how long they will last, I will keep you posted.

In all honesty, I had expected an average performance from the brushes, but they pick up the right amount of product, deposit well, blend well, and have thus far delivered all the results I want. At this point, I wish I had bought more! Ah well, there will be another show.

crown brush haul

To conclude: 18 brushes for $70… great deal.

When do you think it’s time to expand your makeup brush collection? Have you done so recently? Have you every tried Crown Brush, and, if so, what do you think of them?
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