My Top 3 YouTube Makeup Artists

Because I do a fair amount of makeup applications for clients, I find it necessary to stay ahead in all  beauty and makeup trends, and YouTube has become such a helpful resource in finding amazing educators from whom you can learn expert techniques and insight.

I must admit that I am not an avid YouTuber. I spend significantly more time watching Community and House of Cards than anything on YouTube. That said, when it comes to these three artists, I make lots of time to watch their new videos and practice the looks they demonstrate.

1. Lisa Eldridge 

The first photo in this post is actually of her working on a model. Lisa is a powerhouse when it comes to providing detailed examples of precise techniques she uses on her celebrity clients. She is definitely the artist I watch the most. What I love about her videos is that she spends a lot of time explaining what she’s doing and offers close shots of how she is applying a given product. This makes learning particular techniques very easy. Her work is consistently beautiful and the looks she presents range from very wearable to high fashion looks. This gives me so much inspiration when I am practicing because it drives me to be very flexible with applications and to not shy away from bold and dramatic looks. She is also very responsive to her viewers, and while I’ve never commented on anything, it’s great to see that she is so interactive with her followers.

2 . Wayne Goss

I’ve discovered Wayne Goss fairly recently, but I am so glad that I did. The terrific thing about his channel is that he breaks down complicated makeup looks piece by piece so that they are digestible bits of information that you can actually work with and learn from. He demystifies the “celebrity perfect skin/makeup” looks and makes them feel very accessible. So instead of something like “Get Kate Hudson’s Look,” his videos look a lot more like “How to do a Smokey Eye for Hooded Eyes” and “Why Your Foundation is Not Lasting.” He offers lots of expert tips and advice for achieving beautiful results, and I have learned so much from him. Truly, I perfected the smokey eye from having watched so many of his videos!

3. Charlotte Tilbury

If you have not heard of beauty and makeup icon Charlotte Tilbury by now, then you need to get up to date. She is glamorous and radiant, and I love watching her. She really defines what it means to own your look and I find that she can really connect with her viewers to show them how to use makeup to embrace beauty as opposed to “covering” oneself with it. Her videos focus on creating glamorous looks for both everyday and special occasions. My favourite thing about her is the attitude she takes towards beauty. Her approach is accessible, but in a way that can make you feel very special, which can often be a difficult feeling to achieve. Way to go, Charlotte!

I’ve linked their channels below if you’re interested in watching these amazing artists work:

Lisa Eldridge

Wayne Goss

Charlotte Tilbury

Who are your favourite YouTube makeup artists? I’d love to check them out!

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4 thoughts on “My Top 3 YouTube Makeup Artists

    • Hey Christina, I’m glad you liked the post! Yes, Lisa and Charlotte are such amazing artists! Trust me, if you love those two, then you will love Wayne. He is incredible and I have genuinely picked up so many expert tricks from him.

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