Noer Organics – First Look

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Not too long ago, Mia, founder of Noer Organics, a new prestige facial care brand, reached out to me to sample a selection of products from the skincare line. After doing some research on the brand, I was in. Noer Organics’ philosophy really speaks to me in that it understands skincare as a form of art, or “poetry.” I believe that healthy and beautiful skin is our top beauty asset, and treating  it as such is key in achieving that smooth texture and radiant glow that is incredibly sought after. 

What I loved about Noer Organics from the get-go was discovering that the brand is cruelty and paraben free and boasts high-quality natural ingredients to activate their products. L&L readers know I am a big fan of Aveda because it is an environmentally conscious company that sources their products ethically and with respect for the community from which they derive their ingredients. Noer Organics really resonated with me because they too are very responsible when it comes to sourcing ingredients, and they too are very respectful of the environment.

The more I learned about the brand, the ingredients, and the way in which the products were made, the more I wanted to actually experience the results of such products.


I will be sampling:

The Cleansing Balm (£40)

–  The Masquerade Purifying Mask (£65)

Clean Embrace Polishing Powder (£50)

The Nourishment Facial Elixir (£145)


The first thing I noticed about these products was the aroma, in that I didn’t notice it too much, which is excellent. Personally, I like to stay away from overly scented products as I find them very irritating. These had a mildly sweet earthy aroma. It was in no way strong or overpowering, which is key for me.

As for usage, I have not tested them out thoroughly enough for a proper review, but stay tuned for that post, which will come soon.


Also, Little & Luxe will be conducting an interview with Mia Elkaff, founder of Noer Organics, so that you can get a more intimate knowledge behind this beautiful luxury brand. Any questions you’d like to ask? Leave a comment below letting me know what you want to ask Mia!
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