My Favourite Purse Organizers – Truffle Clutches


When you travel often, you begin looking for items and gadgets that make your travels simpler. And when I came across Truffle clutches and pouches, I knew I had to add them to my collection of travel-made-easy items.

These bags are my absolute favourites when it comes to keeping your purse organized. They are incredibly well-made, the zippers are sturdy, and they are gorgeous!


I use the black Privacy Clutch on a daily basis to hold loose items in my purse. I love that it maintains its shape so well and hasn’t scratched or been marked from anything in my purse, despite the fact that I toss it around a lot in there. The leather exterior is very nice and looks very chic paired with the gold accents, which I love.




The Clarity Clucth is my absolute favourite (I have it in the small size in nude). Why do I love it so much? Prior to the Clarity Clutch, I used to use resealable plastic bags to carry my liquids when travelling. To be fair, the resealable bag does work, but I don’t like the fact that it’s wasteful and not particularly sturdy. I always worried it was going to open in my bag and let something spill. With the Clarity Clutch, I never worry about that.

Just like the Privacy Clutch, the Clarity Clutch maintains its shape perfectly, and is sturdy enough to protect all of the liquid items inside. The small size is also TSA approved, which makes travelling with it a breeze.




If you are someone who loves to keep your bags organized, then you will love these. They are stylish and useful, and I am so glad I purchased them.


IMG_7059IMG_7067IMG_7068What are your favourite purse organizers/travel items? Do you have a Truffle clutch? How do you feel about it? Let me know in the Comment section below!

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