The Perfect Weekend Breakfast/How to Poach an Egg 

There’s something so lovely about a weekend breakfast. At least for me, it’s a calming morning ritual that reminds me that I have two days all to myself, and I can take all the time in the world to sip my tea and drink my juice. It’s the small things in life, right? 

 For me, the perfect breakfast always involves eggs, and I do love them poached, so whenever I have a fair bit of time, I always opt for poached eggs. I used to only have them poached at restaurants to avoid the hassle of waiting for the water to boil, but I recently bought a very little pot (something of a sauce pot?) and the water boils in just a few minutes, so the waiting doesn’t bother me anymore.

I also love tea with breakfast, as I’m not really a coffee person beyond an afternoon cappuccino or flat white. I had Earl Grey, which I love in the morning 🙂

Finally, fresh garden-grown tomatoes and freshly squeezed orange juice were the perfect complements to round out this breakfast into a simple, healthy, delicious meal. Now, to poach an egg. It’s very simple stuff.

  1. Take your eggs out of the fridge to allow them to come to room temperature as you prepare other things.
  2. Fill a pot with water and roughly a capful of white vinegar (which helps the egg keep its form).
  3. Bring your pot of water to a rolling boil. Remember, the smaller the pot, the faster the boil!
  4. Crack your egg into a little bowl or cup. Never crack your egg over the rolling boil, this will just cause an awful mess, and possibly a burn.
  5. Now, step 5 can vary. You can either gently slide the egg into the water right away, or whisk the water to create a whirlpool, and slide the egg into the middle of the whirlpool. I’ve tried both ways, and the non-whisking works just fine if you’re careful, so this is really up to you.
  6. Let the egg poach to your desired runny-ness. I like a medium poach, so I usually leave it in for about two minutes.
  7. As your egg is poaching, you’ll notice white froth form at the surface of the water. You can just remove it with a slotted spoon so that your water stays clear and you can watch your egg.
  8. When your egg has poached as much as you like, gently remove the egg with a slotted spoon and lay it on a paper towel to remove any excess water.

Transfer to a little bowl, season, and enjoyWell, that’s my breakfast for this morning. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Tell me, what’s your perfect weekend breakfast? Also, I’d like to do a morning ritual post. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in 🙂

Happy Sunday!
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