Glossier Phase 1 + Boy Brow – Unboxing + Review


Let’s talk about Glossier. If you haven’t heard of Glossier, then you’re going to need to stop browsing and read. Glossier is the minimalist skincare and makeup brand to know, and I have been waiting to share this review since I first ordered my set in November of 2015. 

A few notes before we start unboxing:

  • Note 1: I ordered my Phase 1 Set prior to Glossier’s new Milky Jelly facial cleanser launch, which has now replaced the Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray that came in the original set. However, the face mist can still be ordered separately.
  • Note 2: I ordered more than just what came in the Phase 1 set, but I will explain below.
  • Note 3: Glossier has now released a Phase 2 Set (which I have, and have been using, and am very excited to share my review with you!)

Some background on Glossier:

Founded by Emily Weiss, founder and CEO at Into the Gloss, a very well curated online beauty/skincare magazine. Follow her Instragram account. You’ll thank me.

Minimalist skincare and beauty line, inspired by natural, raw beauty.

Now, we unbox:

IMG_0830 copyThe Set comes in this beautiful packaging, with the gorgeous Glossier logo on top. IMG_0831 copyAs well as the cute message to “Smile Always” on the side of the box ❤ IMG_0839The products come packaged in these little pink bubble-wrap zip cases. My Phase 1 Set actually came with 2 of these, and I use them all the time for travelling. Because they are so well-padded, they are great for packaging skincare products in glass jars/perfume bottles so that you don’t need to worry about them breaking, etc. IMG_0841IMG_0842IMG_0838The package includes stickers and a promotional code for your next purchase.

While the stickers are a little kiddish for my own personal taste, I’ve seen others use them to decorate their pink zip cases. I haven’t used them, but they are cute if you like that sort of thing.IMG_0833The original Phase 1 Set comes with: one Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray, one Priming Moisturizer Buildable Hydrating Creme, one Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve, one Perfecting Skin Tint in your choice of 5 shades.

I ordered an additional Perfecting Skin Tint as well as the famous Boy Brow.

IMG_0836IMG_0834 copyIMG_0835 copy


I have been using these products religiously since I ordered them. I have finished and started a new Boy Brow, I have 2 Balm Dotcoms, and I use the Skin Tints virtually everyday. The product I use least in the Face Mist, but I have so many, so it’s just a part of my rotation.

Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray: This is a beautiful product. It hydrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and plump, which I love. I also find the mist very refreshing, especially if you’re not exactly a morning person and need a little pick me up. I also use the Caudalie Beauty Elixer and Aveda Toning Mist, so I rotate Glossier Face Mist in that lineup. It’s a really great option, and I find it delivers just as great as the Caudalie option (at that point, it’s a matter of preference), but my personal favourite is still the Aveda. That said, I still get great use from the Glossier Face Mist and I am glad to have it.

Priming Moisturizer Buildable Hydrating Creme: I adore this creme. It’s perfect. It’s incredibly lightweight, but you can feel the moisture penetrating deep into the skin. I love that, because it really gives a natural, dewy, beautiful look when you apply makeup overtop. It really is buildable, so you can apply a little heavier where you need it. It keeps my skin moisturized all day long and my makeup never looks dried out over top. I have sensitive skin, but have not experienced any irritation or breakouts as a result of this creme (or any of the Glossier products for that matter). This is a must in the line, and is one of my favourites.

Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve: Also incredible. This is a thick, unscented, salve/balm that can be applied virtually anywhere: lips, cuticles, elbows, etc… I use it mainly on my lips because it’s very moisturizing and glossy, with a high shine. It’s great for relieving cracked skin and lips, so I always have one with me. I also occasionally use just a fraction of it on the tops of my cheekbones underneath a light coat of powder highlighter because it ups the dewiness factor by a lot, and the result is this incredibly radiant and glowing face ❤

Perfecting Skin Tint: I actually use this everyday. I have 2 (medium and dark), an I blend the medium tone (which matches my skin tone) into my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or Perfection Lumiere Foundations to sheer out the texture and add a little more luminosity to my skin. The product itself has a very light coverage, which is buildable to a light-medium coverage. While I love this product on its own,  I deal with acneic breakouts on my jawline, and this isn’t enough to cover them, so I still do need to use foundation and concealer. However, the effect it has on perfecting my foundation is incredible, which is why I use it everyday. You can definitely use it solo if your skin is pretty even naturally. It gives a light glow, and really increases radiance and evens skin tone. I use the dark one as a subtle highlighter on my skin. I apply it to the hollows of my cheek, the top of my forehead, and occasionally my collarbones, and it adds a subtle hint of definition which I love.

Boy Brow: Okay, for the piece de resistance. I LOVE this product. I am not usually gushy over anything, but this is truly a product to have in your repertoire if you are into thick, bushy brows. It boasts a wax-based formula (inspired by moustache wax!), tinted to either Blonde, Brown, or Black (I use brown), and, with a little precise spoolie, you brush your brow hairs using an upwards-and-outwards motion to coat and shape the hairs to achieve your desired look. I personally like to make my inner brow hairs stick up a little, and brush the others outwards, but the effect is just incredible. Everyone thinks my eyebrows are strong and present, when really, it’s the Boy Brow <3. I use it alone all the time, but when I’m going for a strong and bold look, I will pencil them in, especially at the arches, and run  the Boy Brow through. Let me tell you, wow. If you’re a brow person, you need this in your life. Trust me.

Overall, I have been so impressed with this brand. I didn’t expect to be able to rave about all the products, but it’s truly an amazing set, and for such a reasonable price. It’s $80 for the Phase 1 set (now including the Milky Jelly cleanser), and the Boy Brow is $16.

Check out the Glossier site here to browse all these incredible products. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a treat xx

Stay tuned for my review of the Phase 2 Set.

If you’ve tried Glossier products, I’d love to hear what you think. I’m so in love with them, and I want to know what others think!
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