What I Eat for Breakfast in a Week


I love breakfast. And brunch. And all things related. But I know how easy it is to get stuck in a breakfast rut where you’re bored of what you’re eating (hard-boiled eggs 5 days in a row… no thank you), or skip it altogether when you’re very busy or running late.  That said, I do try to make sure I’m having something filling, satisfying, and usually nutritious before I start my day.

Below are my typical 5 weekday breakfasts and 2 more indulgent breakfast/brunch meals for the weekend. 

WEEKDAYS: My goal with weekdays are to make quick and satisfying breakfasts that will keep me full until lunch.

Oatmeal with Fruit + Almond Milk


I love steel-cut oats and rolled oats, but for a busy weekday morning, I usually lean toward quick cooking oats. I use steel-cut and rolled for my overnight oats, which I will share in a post to come, so stay tuned.

I always mix a pinch of salt in with my oats as they are cooking, and dress them with a little almond milk, pure maple syrup, fruit, and sometimes nuts. Above, I mixed in almond milk, maple syrup, and strawberries, with a banana and almond milk on the side.

Multigrain Toast with Ricotta + Honey:


This, to me, is breakfast perfection. The combination of light and creamy ricotta with honey is divine, and it makes for a very satisfying breakfast. I like toasts rich in grains because they are high in fiber and more nutritious, and the different seeds and grains add texture and flavour complexity.

Make this. I mean it. It’s perfect.

Toast + Cream Cheese with Melon:


This is an staple breakfast for me. It stems from items I always have on hand, and it’s easy and reliable. I really like toast + cream cheese, but you could always substitute with your favourite topping.

My “Healthy and Filling (Breakfast) Smoothie”


This is my favourite healthy and filling smoothie. Made with a combination of breakfast staples, it will keep you full all through morning. It includes bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, yogurt, cinnamon, vanilla, oats, and chia seeds. It’s just the right amount of sweet and really, really satisfying.

I’ve previously posted a recipe for this amazing smoothie on L&L, read it here.

Mixed Berry + Banana Smoothie


It’s as simple as it sounds. Mixed berries (I use frozen, though you could use fresh and add ice), one banana, and either almond milk or regular milk, and sometimes yogurt. Fast, easy, and delicious!

WEEKENDS: I love a slow breakfast/brunch on weekends. I make meals that take a little more time, but the results are totally worth it. More than anything, I make eggs because they usually take much longer than the time I have most mornings, and so I take advantage of my weekends to make them.

Grilled Vegetable + Goat Cheese Omelette with Breakfast Potatoes

IMG_3419 2

Light, fluffy, airy, and delicious. This is especially great if you have some left over grilled vegetables that you can refresh with a little olive oil in a skillet before adding them to your omelette. I also adore breakfast potatoes and make them all the time.

Poached Eggs  with Fruit and Tea


And for my favourite breakfast item of all time, poached eggs. I will have them any way, over eggs benedict, on polenta, on a salad, or just on their own like this. And, on weekends, I actually have time to sit down and enjoy my tea, so this breakfast is always a treat for me.

Don’t know how to poach eggs? Don’t worry. I posted a brief recipe here, and it’s very easy, so I highly encourage you to try it out. You’ll notice I had a very similar breakfast that day –> #weekendgoals.

What are your favourite go-t0 breakfasts?
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