Glossier Phase Two Review + 20% OFF

I promised this review would come, and it’s finally here. And, it’s just as amazing as you want it to be <3.

For those of you who are new to L&L, I have been in love with Glossier products for a long time, and reviewed their Phase 1 box kit here. The products in the Phase 1 kit truly lived up to their promises, and I have repurchased them regularly (especially the Priming Moisturizer and Boy Brow – as some of you may know, Boy Brow was introduced some time ago, and is now included as a part of the Phase 2 box kit.).

One of my favourite aspects of the Glossier packaging is the sealable bubble bag in which the products are packaged. It provides great support for the enclosed items, and also makes for a great travel pouch. I have started a small collection of these bags, and use them regularly to package delicate items when flying, taking the train, packing overnight luggages (see my post on my favourite weekender bags here), etc.

  The Phase 2 box kit includes Boy Brow, a tinted brow wax, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G matte lipstick.
  Boy Brow: I have repurchased this brow wax multiple times, which is all to say that I absolutely love it. It adds bulk and a mild tint to brows, and gives them a naturally full look. Also, it’s buildable, which means you can play around as much as you like on the brow spectrum, from barely there to Cara Delavigne. To read a fuller review + how-to of this product, click here.

Stretch Concealer: This concealer is appropriately named. A little goes a long way, and it blends so, so well into the skin. It has a soft, dewy finish and gives a nice glow. The formula is buildable, so you can layer it on to cover dark circles and spots (though I find something like Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer to be more effective for extra red blemishes – those things need a product of their own!). Also, I was initially concerned by the limited range of 5 shades, but I’ve discovered that they blend very well into a wide variety of skin tones. For example, I have a warm olive undertone, and would typically be matched with “Medium.” However, I chose “Light” because I prefer a brighter appearance to my under eye concealer. I was worried that it would be too light, but it actually blends perfectly into my skin, even on tanned days. The only thing is, because the formula is waxed-base and very dewy, it does crease under the eyes if you don’t powder it lightly. That said, most under eye products need to be powdered, so it really doesn’t differ in that regard.

Generation G in Cake: Generation G is a sheer, matte lipstick that adds a soft tint to your lips. Cake is a beautiful peachy nude your-lips-but-better colour. It’s mildly pigmented, so you do need to run it over your lips a few times to get the fully saturated colour, but it’s so worth those few extra swipes. In terms of duration, it lasts several hours, but not a full 8. I find I usually need to touch up after 4 hours or so. It applies very smoothly and does not chap or dry out your lips, which is a big plus. Also, if you layer a little Balm Dot Com on top of it, it looks absolutely stunning! It gives you that natural gorgeousness look that Glossier has become known for over the past two years.

So, let’s face it, you need to try these products. Get 20% off your first purchase by using my referral link. I hope you love the products as much as I do. Let me know what you think below!

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