The Mothers Day Gift Guide


Mothers Day is just around the corner, and this guide will ensure you’ve got something perfect picked out for your mom. From casual to a little more lavish, each gift in this range works well on its own, or pairs well with another selection to make a perfect ensemble.

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My Top 6 “Back To School” Movies

In the spirit of the back-to-school season, I’ve decided to share my favourite back to school movies with you. Some are classics and some are a little cheesy, but we all have guilty pleasures, right?

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Adultery, by Paolo Coelho – A Review

I had Adultery on my book shelf for a while before I was able to get to it. But with the anticipation of a new take on an old tale – a woman who has everything finds herself somehow unfulfilled and bored by her life and engages in an affair – I knew I wanted to read it. Adultery promises an existential exploration of the psyche of a depressed person who is desperate to bring passion into her life, and while that does come through (with nods to Schopenhauer and other philosophers), I was left wanting something at the end of the novel, some form of satisfaction that, for me, remained missing.

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Revisiting The Great Gatsby

When the first trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby came out in 2012, I was so excited. As a big fan of Fitzgerald’s novel and Luhrmann’s previous work (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!), this take of the novel couldn’t come any sooner. From the incredible soundtrack to the limited edition Tiffany jewelry collection, everything about this film had my attention. Continue reading

An Insider’s Guide: What to Watch Out for at the Spa

As someone who has worked in the beauty and wellness industry for a long time, I have developed this series to share the knowledge I’ve gained from the business with you!

Whether you are a spa regular or a spa newcomer, most of us go to the spa in order to invest in self-care and relaxation. But in order to relax, you need to trust that those taking care of you are experts and are applying the best practices to your service. Regardless of ambiance or decor or style, there are a set of standards all spas should be following to ensure the health, hygiene, safety, and comfort of their guests. Below is a guide of what to look for to ensure that your spa experience is one that you can trust. Continue reading