Top 7 Weekender Travel Bags


I’m quite the travel – and travel accessory – buff. With road trip season upon us, weekenders are the perfect companion for a cottage getaway or big city road trip. Continue reading


Location Envy

Take me back to New York City.This has been a recurring phrase in my mind for over a month. I’ve been checking plane tickets and hotels almost everyday, and each time I do, I convince myself just a little bit more that I’ll buy a ticket, and soon. That’s the thing about living in uneventful cities. You crave excitement, lights, action, something to shake up the ennui of industrial landscape and suburban monotony. Did we just get a little too philosophic? Probably (don’t blame me, I am, after all, a philosophy minor!). Let’s move on. Continue reading

The Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Him

holiday gift guide men

It’s not too late for holiday shopping, so fret not if you haven’t crossed all the gifts you need to purchase off your list. And since stores are always incredibly busy with very long lines, I tend to opt for online options instead. Hurrah for the internet! Continue reading

Out & About: Toronto, Queen St.

toronto2Hey there, city lovers.

Today, we tour Queen St (East and West), an upbeat and energetic cultural hub in Toronto. It’s become very well known for its fashion boutiques, indie art stores, music, and media scene. While it doesn’t have as many restaurants in comparison to its shopping venues, it does have many swanky coffee houses, all worth exploring! Mind you, it does have its fair share of good eats.

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